What is a Tree Value:

A Tree Value is the combined price of every asset derived from the original one. In Atom's case, this refers to airdrops and APR rewards received when Atom is staked in a private wallet with a non-exchange validator. Airdrops, if staked, will also have their own Tree Value, which will grow over time since they also gain APR rewards and can receive airdrops in return.

What is a Value Tree:

All Tree Values, when mapped together, will form a Value Tree, with the Atom token at its base. As time goes on and more airdrops are given to Atom stakers, the tree will grow and become more complex itself. Main branches formed by Atom's initial airdrops like Osmo and Juno, will soon form their own network of smaller branches. New projects might want to diversify their holder base by airdropping their tokens to more than just Atom. This of course can dilute the ratio airdropped to Atom, but if Atom's main branches are staked, then you will reduce this effect.

If you will, you can view the first Atom you stake as a seed, eventually becoming the trunk of your Value Tree. From the trunk, main branches are formed by airdrops directly given to Atom. Each branch, if staked, will form its own fruit which will grow as it accumulates APR rewards. From those, sub-branches will form as these also receive airdrops, with their own new fruit.

The more this Value Tree grows, the more it'll catch airdrops, or sunlight if you will. And for a good dose of fertilizer, you can always Dollar Cost Average in to give a boost to your fruits.

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