Initial Portfolio:
100 Atom

Initial Staking Date:
January 1st, 2020

Staking APR:
Perfect Block Rewards

Validator Commission:



Public endpoints supply a database continuously with updated data.
Calculated fields then take care of the magic and spit out the results to Google Data Studio.


The daily closing price is taken from at 00:00 UTC every day from public Cosmos ecosystem endpoints. Historical ATOM prices stem from Coingecko.


All the Airdrop information, like formulas and launch dates are taken from different community sources like @Cosmos_Airdrops (Twitter), Cosmos Airdrop Chat (TG), and Cosmos Ecosystem Chat (TG).


The staking APR for the token rewards is fetched daily using an API developed by the SmartNodes Validator. Their calculation is based on the token bonded rate. Additional efforts were made to get the historic APR.

Atom APR:
Assumed to be 10% since January 1st

Juno APR:
It has been assumed that Juno has been staked on October 4th. The APR is an extrapolation between the October 4th APR of 179% and the November 7th APR of 151%, with some adjustments in between. The APR is assuming perfect rewards block time.

osis APR: Taken from daily posts made by the ION Telegram Bot. We assumed that the user started staking on June 28th for more realism.

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