Why create Atom Tree Value?

The goal was to really show the value of holding Atom, beyond its price. We understand that not everyone diving into the Cosmos ecosystem is aware of the value airdrops and staking can bring. Looking at the price chart will not show you the amount accrued from staking Atom and receiving airdrops, let alone the fact that staking those airdrops brings your exposure to even more of those.

When comparing different projects to one another, it's crucial to see them from every angle. Airdrops are not exclusive to Cosmos of course, but the free SDK and connection to IBC being permissionless should make Atom amass considerably more drops.
At this current rate, Atom is already pacing to receive 10 new Airdrops within the next few months.

We're also firm believers in the value of staking tokens as a means of securing the network. If we can convince holders that by staking you can receive this many rewards, then it's a win for the ecosystem as a whole.

Stake, accumulate, chill.


We like data and feel like the Cosmos ecosystem is lacking crucial metrics, so we have vowed to build this site around this idea of better visibility.

- Additional Metrics like Tree Value portfolio share & evolution

- Map the real-time Value Tree of Atom

- Customization in order to let the visitor pick some of the constants we used as assumptions: Initial Atom portfolio, Date staked, Airdrops received

- Rich List (Suggested by King Ken)

- Wallet connectivity to see your custom Token Tree Values

This effort was all done for free, during our spare time.
Our long-term vision will take time and any help we can get, we'll take it.
Please contact us if you wish to contribute or suggest ideas, and of course, donations will be appreciated.


Aggregating all this data required us to look for specific APIs and the team of Smartnodes (Cosmos Validator) was kind enough to give us access to their built tools. And this would not have been possible without the Telegram "Cosmos Airdrops Chat" admins who pointed us in the right direction.

We also want to thank @CryptoAlexand for maintaining the Airdrops sheets linked in the "Airdrops" section.


Dr. Poplovski [LFG]


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  • Big Data

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  • Coding

  • Economics

  • Business Intelligece

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